Monday, June 28, 2010

We Love Zhu-Zhu Pets!

At my house we are huge Zhu-Zhu fans....really, like you wouldn't BELIEVE what I went through for Christmas to try and get these for my kids! It was madness! Anyway, I got a cute email from the Zhu-Zhu people about a tour their doing which you can find out about here. Unfortunately none of the tour stops are in my area but that's alright...there was a really cute recipe in the email that I wanted to share!

Since one of Nugget’s favorite things is butterflies, try Nugget’s Butterfly Cupcake recipe!

Frosted cupcakes
Miniature pretzels
M&M’s or candy coated chocolates
Black or red licorice

1. Prepare your favorite cupcake recipe or box mix according to the directions provided. Once cupcakes have cooled, ice them with your favorite icing recipe or your favorite canned icing. (For extra fun, you can tint the frosting a different color using food coloring!)

2. To create the butterfly: Place four M&Ms down the center of the cupcake. This creates the butterfly’s body.

3. Next, place one pretzel on each side of the body to create the wings.

4. Finally cut the licorice into small pieces, and place on the head of the butterfly to create the antennas.

5. Eat and enjoy!

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